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Employee Monitoring

More security breaches happen "within the building" than come from outside hackers. Disgruntled employees, disaffected staff members or temporary workers with too much access to information can compromise your business.

Tracking employees is an important security agenda for modern companies with intellectual property to protect. It also assists with management to ensure that workers are putting their time to the best usage.

Multi-Office VPN Connections

Connecting remote offices to information is only part of the task of maintaining a 21st century workforce.

The other part of of the challenge is understanding how to make remote site workers feel have remote office workers feeling connected to the entire company and ensuring they have access to all the human resources they need.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the most overlooked aspect of business strategy and preparedness. Business owners never consider running an office without comprehensive insurance. The risks are far too great. Yet, many of these same businesses lack a disaster recovery plan. GeeksOnTime's IT Consulting group can help you remedy this.