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Remote Worker IT Support Package

With the rise of energy costs, improved availability of high speed Internet connections, and the global economy,  remote teleworking is now part of the business landscape.  The support needs of these types of users is particulary special and GeeksOnTime is an expert management entity to address their needs.

Nationwide Project Roll outs and Installs

Nationwide system roll outs of hardware or software require planning, documentation, deployment, feedback and accountability. GeeksOnTime's centralized service management model is ideal for nationwide installs, software upgrades, network hardware, wireless or VOIP installations, client setups and even end user training. For all these requirements, GeeksonTime can provide the most effective solution meeting your demand and budget.

Multi Location Digital Phone Service

What if you could have site to site 3 digit dialing where staff members in the San Francisco office could reach out the Chicago office for a quick chat? It might only save a few seconds but mapped out over 1000 calls a year, that could be big savings in labor. Or, what if your Minneapolis branch could be patched through customer calls from your Ft Lauderdale branch when the need required it? Would that look like some pretty seamless teamwork to your customers? It would feel to the caller as if everyone is in the same room.